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Spring Walk, April 7, 2019


Spring walk, April 7, 2019: Rotaryclub Brunssum-Onderbanken will again be organizing the Limburg Spring Walk this year. This walk, enjoyable for the entire family, will be organized to benefit a charity. This isn't only a simple walk which will take you to some nice places, because when underway, you'll be offered delicious Limburgian bites of food. Imagine: coffee and Limburgian Vlaai, Limburgian delicacies, and at the end... french fries and sourmeat (frites en zuurvlees).

If you wish to take part in this walk, you can subscribe from March 8, 2019.

Start: 10:00 - 13:00
Length: 10 to 14 km
Address: Scoutinggebouw De Landgraaf
Johannes Vermeerstraat 2, Brunssum
The walk starts and ends here.

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